BTM Willis Prize 2023 – Call for Nominations

The BTM Willis Prize is awarded annually to an individual in recognition of a single outstanding piece of work, or of a longer term coherent body of work, in the use of neutrons applied to a significant scientific challenge or alternatively, in recognition of a major development in neutron instrumentation or techniques. The prize is named in honour of Prof. Terry Willis – founder of the UK Neutron Scattering Group, and the well-known Harwell (later Oxford) School of Neutron Scattering.

Nomination for the 2023 BTM Willis Prize is now closed. Deadline: 5 GMT (Friday) 24 March 2023


The recipient of the prize will be a scientist, in the first 12 years of a research career following the award of a first degree (allowing for career breaks), who has made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of neutron science in the UK or Ireland.


The nomination may be submitted by any nominator familiar with the work of the nominee and with knowledge and permission of the nominee. Self-nominations are permitted. The names of two referees willing to provide supporting statements should be given. Nominees submitted previously are welcome to submit again provided they still meet the eligibility requirements.

Judging process:

The panel to judge the prize will comprise the Neutron Scattering Group committee and external experts asked to join the panel to contribute expertise not covered by the committee members. Committee members with a potential conflict of interest (e.g. supervisor or former supervisor of the candidate, or from the same department as the candidate) will not be involved in assessing that candidate’s nomination.

The panel will assess the impact of each candidate’s work in terms of its quality, originality, rigour and significance, based on the evidence put forward by the candidate and their referees. Metrics such as journal impact factor and citation data will be of minor importance given the cross-disciplinary nature of the field of neutron work.

For more information about the nomination and applications please visit the nomination page.