Endeavour Programme User Meetings

Recently, a short series of user meetings to discuss the ISIS Endeavour Programme – the building or upgrade of perhaps up to 10 instruments at ISIS - has been announced. These will take place during the first 3 Thursdays of July and will be organized thematically under the titles of “Clean growth”, “Biosciences & health” and “Materials for the future”.
Details of these user meetings and links for registration can be found at isis.stfc.ac.uk/Pages/News21_EndeavourMeetings.aspx.

The NSG committee would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to attend these meetings. It is really important that we as the UK neutron community have the opportunity to attend them and have our say concerning our ideas and priorities for the next generation of neutron (and muon) instruments at ISIS.
And – of course – we need to demonstrate a strong and committed user base in support of whichever projects go forward for funding.