Neutron Scattering in Colloid and Interface Science

18 & 25 May 2021

On behalf of the IOP/RSC Neutron Scattering Group, the RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group and the SCI Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group, we invite you to participate in a set of two short online symposia on neutron scattering in colloid and interface science in May this year. Topics will include applications of small-angle neutron scattering in colloid science and applications of neutron reflectometry in interface science. In addition to presentations by invited speakers, there will be a presentation of the special interest groups as well as contributed talks in parallel sessions, and the event will finish with a panel discussion. The online format allows us to offer this as a free event to all, which will be broadly publicised to IOP, RSC and SCI members. There will be four invited speakers - Marité Cárdenas (Malmö), David Growney (Lubrizol), Alison Paul (Cardiff) and Stuart Clarke (Cambridge) - speaking on topics ranging from biophysics to drug delivery and industrial applications. Please register at HERE and note the abstract submission deadline of 26th March 2021 for contributed talks. All very welcome.

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