BTM Willis Prize 2019 – Call for Nominations

The IOP Neutron Scattering Group and the Faraday Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry have established a prize for outstanding neutron scattering science in honour of the founding chairman of the Neutron Scattering Group, Professor B T M Willis.

The prize is awarded to an individual in recognition of a single outstanding piece of work, or a longer term coherent body of work, in the application of neutron scattering to a significant problem in physics, chemistry, materials science, earth science, the life sciences, or engineering, or alternatively in recognition of a major development in neutron scattering instrumentation or techniques.

The recipient of the prize will normally be a young scientist, i.e. in the first 12 years of a research career (allowing for career breaks) following the award of a first degree, who has made a substantial contribution to the development or reputation of physics / Chemistry / Biology in the UK or Ireland.

Nominations can be made to the NSG Secretary Dr Kathi Edkins (, self-nominations will not be recognised. Upon nomination, the candidate is required to submit two additional letters of support as well as a current CV of no longer than three pages. All documents must be received by the NSG Secretary before the deadline 23:59 Monday 1st April 2019.

In case of any questions, please contact the NSG Secretary Dr Kathi Edkins (